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Fixed in Early Access

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All bug fixes are currently in our Live build. Repair Medal if you have any issues.


  • Improve multi-clip editing by processing editing previews. Preview quality will be lower while editing, but this fixes a couple of different issues, including video/music desync
  • Added clip previews to montage editing tab
  • Added right-click menus to timeline and text/gif boxes
  • Fixed issues related to music volume and preview
  • Transcode montages using aac audio for better sharing support to platforms like Twitter
  • Other minor improvements and fixes


  • Better handling of removing and adding audio devices
  • Fixes issues with resetting selected audio devices to default
  • Fix out-of-focus clips with Roblox Studio & FL Studio
  • Fix audio stutters if using different devices for loopback and mic
  • Restart recorder if GPU suspended error occurs
  • Attempt to fix the error on clip generation
  • Fix race condition on closing the performance tracker
  • Update FFmpeg to version 4.4

Currently being fixed

  • Upload button not doing anything - The button refuses to upload any of your clips.

Researching/Need information

  • Corrupted clips/clips stuck loading - Check out this article and send us a ticket!
  • Uploaded clips appear as "Ready to Publishin Desktop App - We are looking into this issue.
  • Audio Issues with iCue, Razer Synapse and 7.1 Surround Sound: We're currently investigating the best ways to alleviate some of these issues. While we work hard on a fix, the temporary workaround is to disable the listed applications or device features to seamlessly capture audio alongside your video.
    Another workaround for this issue is to enable stereo sound on your PC and use this as Medal's audio device.
  • Game Audio Only - This feature will not work on every game. If you have this option enabled and it does not work, please contact us.