Please update your desktop app to Early access, as some of the issues have already been fixed in that version. 

To update to Early Access, please do the following: 

Go to Settings > Help & Support >Turn on Early access > Start Repair button.


This will restart your app and you should see Early Access at the top of your app if done correctly:

Current Known Issues:

  • Audio Issues with iCue, Razer Synapse and 7.1 Surround Sound: Some users have been experiencing difficulty with capturing game audio while using audio devices paired with the application or features listed above. We're currently investigating the best ways to alleviate some of these issues. While we work hard on a fix, the temporary workaround is to disable the listed applications or device features to seamlessly capture audio alongside your video. We have some great audio updates coming up in the near future that you're going to love! 

    Another workaround for this issue is to enable stereo sound on your PC and use this as Medal's audio device. 

  • "Uh-oh, Something Went Wrong" error message: If you're receiving this error message on your clips, the first thing you'll want to do is right click on the clip > open file location and see if the clip is viewable on using a local video player. If not, the clip likely had an error while recording and unfortunately will not be recoverable. (We're very sorry!!!) 

    However, we've been working hard to fix any errors in recording recently in our Early Access build. If you notice that you've had this error on any of your recent clips, we urge you to give our Early Access version of Medal a try, and take a new clip to ensure that it's functioning properly. You can do this by navigating to the Support tab on Medal, activating Early Access, and clicking the Repair button. If you continue to see this error in new clips, please reach out to us by creating a new support ticket or by joining our Discord #desktop-support channel.