Please update your desktop app to Early access, as some of the issues have already been fixed in that version. 

To update to Early Access, please do the following: 

Go to Settings > Help & Support >Turn on Early access > Start Repair button.


This will restart your app and you should see Early Access at the top of your app if done correctly:

Current Known Issues:

  • Duplicate clips: If you see duplicate clips, do not delete the clip! You may experience a visual bug where if you delete one of the duplicate clips, the other will also be deleted and show up with a "This clip has been moderated error". Please contact support if you have not deleted any of the duplicate clips for us to troubleshoot: See example below: 

  • Clip Trimming: After trimming a clip and immediately viewing your clip on our website, you may see no change to the clip. A temporary solution is to switch the clip quality to SD to see the trimmed clip.

    • There is also a second issue where trimming a clip results in the clip "trimming" infinitely. A possible workaround is to try to ‘Restore Original’ always visible in right-click menu for published or recently edited clips that might be stuck

  • Colorful graphic issue: If your screen looks like the screen below, repairing your app may fix this issue on some of your clips. If repairing does not help, this issue is still being fixed by our development team.
  • Unable to Archive clips: We are working to bring this feature back.