If you're anything like us, you've been playing a lot more games. We've been hard at work to make sure that Medal is the best place to create and watch clips. We've made Medal more reliable than ever, and in the process we absolutely decimated a tonne of bugs. 

Table of Contents:


Hashtags & Topics

  • You can now add hashtags and trending topics to your clips captions!
  • When a new topic or hashtag goes viral on Medal, you will see it on Medal in our new Happening Now section.
  • It's never been easier to watch the funniest, best or craziest content on Medal!

Clip Improvements

  • We have made some changes to CPU encoding which now results in better and smoother clips
  • Games like Minecraft, Destiny 2 and Roblox should now see better clip performance
  • We have improved clip save times so your clips will be ready for you quicker than ever
  • We have slowed down those hyper sped up clips. You should no longer see them

Bookmark Mode Improvements

  • 60 FPS recording while in Bookmark Mode is now as stable as normal clips
  • The colour issues while in Bookmark Mode have now been fixed

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with the Medal overlay not showing, getting stuck or acting strangely have been resolved
  • We have fixed an issue pertaining to rogue/frozen mice
  • Game out of Focus errors should appear less often
  • Fixed the SHIFT key not giving the option to delete clips immediately while mass-selecting clips
  • Fixed some thumbnails getting stuck generating for clips, showing an infinite loading spinner
  • The "Medal may have become unresponsive" error should no longer appear 
  • If your clip folder is in an unsafe location (E.G OneDrive), Medal will warn you and give you the option to migrate your clips all at once
  • If you ever had the .NET Framework error, this issue has now been resolved
  • Sometimes connections would get stuck while quitting Medal, resulting in weird process behaviour. This has been fixed too

General Improvements

  • We have made improvements to our GPU encoder detection. Medal should now be able to find your GPU encoder more effectively
  • The app should load faster and things like game status updates from your friends will be nearly instant
  • Adding or removing audio devices while on Settings > Clips will update the Audio Device options
  • You can now quit Medal from the system tray while the app is still starting, just in case it gets stuck
  • If your clip folder is in an unsafe location on your hard drive, Medal will warn you and give you the option to migrate your clips all at once
  • When you search for groups on the Discover Groups page, the results will include groups you are in
  • Other general performance improvements


New Design

We have a new design live on our website! https://medal.tv

Happening Now

As mentioned before, trending or viral hashtags or topics will show up in this new section.
This makes it faster and easier to see the best clips trending on Medal!

Web Improvements

  • We have improved our search functionality, it's sleeker, easier on the eyes and yields much better results!