We hope you are all doing well and staying safe and healthy during these crazy times! Over the last several months, we've been working day and night to bring you our longest awaited feature...  Full Session Recording!


Full Session Recording

  • Record hours upon hours of gameplay in all that 1080p 60fps goodness 
  • Press your clip hotkey while recording a session to bookmark that moment for later 
  • Create clips up to 5 minutes long from your session recordings 
  • Micro-second precision trimming 
  • Zoom into your timeline for trimming up to 5000% 
  • Keyboard controls and accessibility improvements for editing  

Keyboard Controls

  • CTRL + Enter - Upload a clip, share a clip that is already uploaded, or finish creating a new clip from a full session
  • CTRL + Z - Cancel the upload
  • CTRL + C - Copy a share link of a clip that has been uploaded
  • CTRL + F - Favorite the clip
  • ESC - Close the modal
  • + - Zoom in the timeline
  • - - Zoom out the timeline
  • DELETE - Bring up confirmation dialog to delete clip
  • LEFT ARROW - Go back 5s in the video
  • RIGHT ARROW - Go forward 5s in the video
  • CTRL + N - Create a new clip from a full session recording
  • Pressing CTRL or ALT while scrolling the mouse wheel on the timeline will adjust the zoom level accordingly
  • Mouse wheel scrolling inside the zoomed in timeline will scroll horizontally based on the zoom level

Other Updates and Improvements

  • It's way easier to add hashtags to your clips 
  • Search for clips with certain hashtags in your clips library 
  • Mark clips in your library as favorites -- super handy for quick-sharing your faves from your phone! 
  • Microphone and system audio settings now have an Auto option, which automatically uses your system's settings 
  • While viewing your clips library, you can now see the size of the video file on the clip 
  • Fixes for laptops with AMD + Intel graphics cards having issues clipping 
  • Fixed overlay compatibility issues with other programs 
  • Fixed some weird cropping issues that happened on some games 
  • Major performance gains! Your friends list loads faster, opening your clips to edit them is faster, recording uses less resources than ever before, and we have more improvements on the way!