How to Trim Clips



Once you've taken your clip, you can edit, trim and publish them for all of your friends to see! 

In order to edit your clips, you can right click on your clip, or click on the hamburger menu in the lower right hand corner and click on Edit & Share.


After clicking on Edit & Share you'll be presented with a screen similar to the one below. The arrow is pointing the scrubber underneath the clip, which has bars that you can drag back and forth on either side to select the exact timestamps you want to trim the clip to! 


Once you've selected the exact part of the clip that you'd like to share and publish with your friends, you can add a caption/title to the clip, tags and select which connected social platforms you want to share the clip to! Alternatively, if you'd like to save the clip to our cloud, you can select the Unlisted option in the "Who can see this clip?" section, instead of Public

Finally, navigate to the top right of your Medal app where you'll see the Publish button for unpublished clips, or the Save Edits button for already published clips! 

You Medal clip is now available for viewing by anyone!