This new experimental feature allows you to record clips with audio free and clear of your friends voices in Discord, notification sounds, and even your playlist of music that you love to game to.

We need your help testing this feature more so we can bring it out to everyone using Medal! If for some reason you have this feature on and you still have audio in your clips that isn't game audio or your microphone, please let us know. You can report any issues you find by making a support ticket here or by shooting us a message in our official discord server.

How to Format your Reports

Before submitting your bug report please make sure that you have Game Audio Only enabled. You can enable Game Audio Only in Settings > Clips then scroll down to Audio & Video Devices.

When reporting bugs for Game Audio Only, we ask that you please include the following information and format your report as follows:

Subject: Game Audio Only Bug
Description: I can still hear audio from other apps while playing this game(s): Spellbreak, Grand Theft Auto V, eg.
The audio I can still hear is coming from this program(s): Discord, Spotify, iTunes, Chrome, eg.

Known Issues

  • Destiny 2 is currently not supported.
  • CS:GO, in trusted mode, currently does not work.
  • Rainbow Six Siege audio is sometimes heavily distorted (but not every time).