Medal has partnered up with Discord to offer all Medal users 1 free month of Nitro!

Here, we will provide step-by-step guides on how to redeem Nitro in Medal and provide answers in an FAQ below.


How to claim

Before you can claim your free Nitro, you must connect your Discord Account to your Medal account.

Click here to learn how to connect your Discord account to your Medal account


  • Click on the Notifications tab (Bell Icon)In there will be the Nitro promo, select Claim Offer.
  • Your browser should open a web page to confirming the account you are currently logged in with.
    Follow the on-screen prompts to receive 1 month of free Nitro!


  • In the navigation bar, tap on the Inbox icon
  • Tap on the Get a free month of Discord Nitro button and follow the on-screen prompts to complete redemption!


  • Tap the notification bell in the top right of the app

  • Tap on the Get a free month of Discord Nitro button and follow the on-screen prompts to complete redemption!



General Questions

How long will the promotion last?

The Medal x Discord Nitro promotion will last for 3 months, ending on September 11, 2022 6:59am GMT. After that time, no more codes will be issued and any existing codes that have not been redeemed can no longer be used.

How long does Nitro last?

Once redeemed, your Nitro subscription will last for 1 month. Once the free period ends, you will be charged unless you cancel your subscription.

Who can redeem this promotion?

This promotion is only available to first time Nitro Subscribers, meaning you have not had Nitro before from signing up for a subscription, redeeming a previous Nitro promotion, gifted Nitro from a friend etc (Except Nitro Classic)

If you have had Nitro before, you cannot redeem this Nitro promotion.

Learn more about eligibility by clicking here

Why does Discord want payment information?

This is part of Discord's verification system to confirm the payment information is correct and to prevent fraudulent use. Discord will also make a small temporary hold of $0.99 when you complete redemption. This transaction is refunded once completed.

Learn more about payment information here

I'm getting an error from Discord when I try to redeem Nitro

Click here to learn more about any error messages you may be getting from Discord

Where is the promotion available?

The promotion is available on Desktop and iOS. 

Unfortunately, the promotion is not available for Mac or iPad.

I get the error message "The authorised account is already connected to a different Medal account" when I try to connect my Discord account

If you are seeing this error, this means that you most likely created an account with Medal without realizing. This can happen if you select Discord as a sign in/sign up option. If this is the case, you can log into that account by choosing the Discord option during sign in.

I can't find the promotion

If you are not seeing the Nitro promotion in your notifications or title bar, there are a couple things to check:

  • Make sure your app is up to date
  • You have a Discord account connected to your Medal account
  • Make sure the connected Discord account has not had Nitro before (As mentioned here)
  • You may need to restart the app;
    • For Desktop, press Ctrl + R in the app to restart it
    • For iOS, double press the Home button and swipe Medal away, then relaunch the app
    • For Android, swipe Medal away from your Task Switcher

My question was not answered/I'm still having an issue claiming Nitro

If none of the answers above helped you with your question/issue, you can reach out!

  • For Discord issues;
    • Discord has a longer FAQ which may answer your question or issue which you can find by clicking here
    • If their FAQ does not answer your question, you can reach out to Discord by clicking here
  • For Medal issues;