You can download Medal at

Known issues:

  • Audio isn't currently supported

Also note:

  • This version of Medal doesn't let you sync with the Medal cloud

Permission issues with Catalina:

We have discovered some permission issues on the Catalina update for Mac OS when using Medal.

To fix these issues, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy 

Check the box next to Medal For Mac on the following:

  • Input Monitoring
  • Screen Recording

For Input Monitoring, you may need to Click the lock to make changes

You will need to choose the Quit Now option after changing the settings for it to take effect.

Medal on Mac doesn't have any sharing functionality and audio support as of yet. The upload button on the website is just to open the app on windows. If you have an iPhone you can airdrop your clips from your mac to your phone and use the mobile app to upload them.