Whether you're trying to grow your social presence on Twitter and Medal, or just want to share your most awesome clips with friends, it doesn't have to be complicated! Connecting your Twitter account to Medal takes just seconds! Once you connect your Twitter account, you can display and promote your Twitter handle on your profile, instantly or automatically tweet out your published clips and sync your console to import your consoles shares directly to Medal! 

Sharing your content has never been simpler! Here's a quick guide to get you linked up and sharing today. 

Connecting Twitter

Navigate to your Medal settings by clicking on the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the Medal application and click on the Connections tab.

Once in the Connections tab of you settings, select the Twitter icon. 

Once you've clicked on the Twitter icon in your account settings page, your browser should open, prompting you to authorize Medal.tv access to your Twitter account. Simple type in your login information and click on Sign In to complete the process.
Once you've connected your Twitter account to Medal, if you navigate back to your account settings you'll see the social connection for Twitter set up. From this menu you can toggle options for displaying your profile and sharing your clips easily!

Display my Profile - Toggling this option on will create a clickable button underneath your profile display which other users can click on to view and follow your Twitter account.

Sync my console shares to MedalToggling this option on will allow you to quickly and easily import your console shares from Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Playstation! Once the option is toggled, simply record as normal with your console, share through a tweet and Medal will automatically grab the clip and import it in to your library for editing! 

Automatically Tweet clips after uploading - Toggling this option on will automatically Tweet your clips out right after you trim and upload them to Medal. If you turn this option on and auto-uploads, every single new clip you take will instantly be made available to your followers on Twitter! 

Enable native video sharing - Turning this option on will share your native video to Twitter with your Medal watermark, so everyone will know how to follow you for more awesome clips! 

If you have and error page that says "The authorized account is already connected to a different Medal account" please check our Article about Social account already connected to a different Medal account and see if that helps!

If you have any questions regarding this, please create a ticket and we will help you resolve it as soon as we can.