Connecting your Tumblr account to Medal has never been easier! Quickly and easily share your clips to your Tumblr page without the hassle of downloading and uploading your clips over and over again!  Here's how - 

Connecting Tumblr

Step 1 - Go to your settings

Navigate to your Medal settings by clicking on the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the Medal application and click on the Account tab.

Step 2 - Select Tumblr from Social Connections

Once in the Accounts tab of you settings, navigate to the Social Connections box.

Select Tumblr by simply clicking on the Tumblr Icon.

Step 2 - Grant Medal permissions to access your Tumblr 

After clicking on the Tumblr icon, you will be prompted in a new browser window to grant access to Medal by Tumblr. 

Simply sign in to your account, if you are not already, and click on the Allow button. 

You're all set!

My Tumblr Connection

Now that you've connected your Tumblr account to Medal, you can display you Tumblr page on your profile and promote your blog with all your handpicked favorite clips!