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Last updated: 8th April 2022

Supported Games and Events

Apex Legends

EliminatedKnocked DownChampion

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Enemy Killed


Player Death

Knocked down playerEliminated PlayerDouble Elimination
Multi EliminationHeadshotLong Distance Shot
Ludicrous ShotVictory Royale (BR Mode)Victory (Non-BR)
Battle Royale DeathDefeat

League of Legends

Enemy SlainDouble KillTriple Kill
Quadra KillPenta KillPlayer Slain
Baron StealBaron KillTurret Kill 
Inhibitor KillDragon Steal Dragon Kill
Herald StealHerald Kill

Rocket League

GoalSaveEpic Save

Splitgate: Arena Warfare

KillDouble KillTriple Kill
Killing SpreeKillection AgencyAssist
HeadshotPortal Kill


KillSpike Planted

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel


War Thunder

Aircraft destroyedTarget destroyed