If the game you are playing is not yet on the list of supported games, you can request for that game to be supported and immediately start clipping! Once the game has been approved by the team, any clips you have taken of that game will be automatically assigned to the new game category! Requesting a game only takes a few steps

Start Recording

  • At the top of the Medal app, there will be a Start Recording button, go ahead and click on that. If you don't see that your game is being detected, you can click on Didn't Detectto add it.

Game Detection Tab

  • Click on the Settings Icon
  • Select Game Detection
  • Click the Add New Game button

On-screen prompts

  • Once you have selected to add a new game, you will be presented with this screen, detailing the steps. Press Continue
  • Once you select continue, Medal will begin the game detection process. Make sure that your game is running!
  • Choose the Game from the Drop down Menu
  • You will then be asked to focus the game. This means to open your game so that you can continue playing
  • Medal will attempt to hook into your game so that you can begin clipping your favorite moments
  • If successful, the world is now your oyster... or something like that. You can now start clipping, trimming and sharing your game!
  • If at any point you see this screen, make sure that your game is open and running. If your game is open and Medal still cannot find your game, please reach out to support

You will also see a list of hooked games from your list by going to Settings > Games.

If you wish to unhook a game, you can choose from the drop down and click the trash bin. 

Once a game has been requested and approved by the Medal team, your clips will automatically be recategorized to the correct game, and your Requested Game hook will be removed.