This feature only works in Clip Mode. If Full Session Mode is enabled, this feature will be disabled and revert back to the Disk option.

What is this option for?

When Medal detects a game, it will automatically start recording. Medal keeps storing the recording data until the game is shut down.

This option will let you decide where to store the recording data: on your Hard disk or Memory (RAM).

If you are using an SSD, PCIe or M.2 drive, they have a finite amount of times that they can save data over it's lifespan (Known as Write Cycles).

Generally, it will take many years to use up all the write cycles, even if you are a heavy Medal user, but we wanted to provide you with an option to expand your drive's lifespan.

If you are using a standard hard drive (HDD), these write cycles do not apply.

Instead, standard hard drives come in different speeds. These speeds can range from 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM (Slowest to fastest) which are the most common.

What are the pros and cons of each option?

Memory storage:


  • Works faster 
  • None of the recording data is written to your disk


  • For the highest quality options (144fps, 100M bitrate) Medal will need at least 3 GB of free memory.

Disk storage:


  • Doesn't use any of your Memory
  • More reliable


  • Uses additional disk space
  • Can be slow on slower hard drives

Please note: If you are having any issues when using the Memory option (EG. Corrupt Clips), try switching the option back to Disk.