Medal on android supports Internal audio and Microphone audio to go along with clipping your Mobile games. Clip your best Android gaming moments with audio!

Please note: Android Version 9 does not support Internal Audio. Android 10 or higher is required to use Internal Audio

  • To access your audio settings, open the Recorder app and tap on the Setting icon on the bottom right
  • Then, tap Audio under Settings.
  • From here, you will have a drop down menu selecting how you want to record your audio
    • Mute - Medal will not record any audio;
    • Microphone - Medal will use your Microphone to record audio;
    • Internal Audio - Medal will record audio directly from the device;
    • Internal Audio and Microphone - Medal will use both your Microphone and the audio from the device.
  • Not all games support recording Internal Audio. You can enable the Internal Fallback - Mic option in case Internal Audio cannot be recorded.
  • You can also choose if Medal will play a sound when taking a Clip or not. This sound might be captured on the Clip audio.
  • You can also set each volume slider for Internal Audio and Microphone separately.