Interaction is key to being a successful content creator. It is also a great means to display your awe at someone's skills or even... challenge them.

With our comment system, you can do just that!


Every clip will have it's own comment section.

Tagging on Comments

To begin with, you can tag your friends to clips you want to them to see. 

Tagging someone will notify them in their notifications.

Upvote comments

Find a good, funny or appealing comment? You can upvote by clicking on the heart icon!

Clip and GIF comments

Clip comments

Clicking the Square Play Icon will bring up your uploaded clips. From here, you can search and select a clip to send in a comment.

Highlighting over the clip will enlarge the clip and allow you to play it directly from the comments section.

GIF comments

Just like the clip keyboard, you can click on the GIF button to open up a GIF library. You can search and select a GIF to send in a comment.