Tired of keeping up with several different username and password combinations? You can now link your Riot account with Medal for a quick and easy login!

Connecting your Riot Account

Step 1: Go to your settings

Open your Medal app, and click on the gear icon in the left hand corner. You will want to find the Account tab, and scroll down to Connect Accounts.

Step 2: Select the Riot Account icon

Once you are in the Connect Accounts section, select the Riot icon. 

Step 3: Login to your Riot Account

After you click on the Riot icon, you will be prompted to sign into your Riot account. Fill in the required information and hit the Next arrow.

Upon successful authentication, a new tab will open with the "You're all set!" message. You have now successfully linked your Riot account with Medal!

Now under your Connect Accounts section, you will see a red Riot banner. You can now login to your Medal account using your Riot account!