Sped Up Clips

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Clips are being sped up faster than the gameplay.

In most cases, the 'speed up' bug comes from too many system resources being used.
For instance, some people get the 'speed up' bug when playing the new Black Ops 4, because it can use a lot of resources, but they may not get it with any other game.
The 'speedup' bug, comes from losing frames. Basically, as we are trying to encode frames, your machine doesn't have any more resources, so it skips encoding a frame or two or ten.

We are working on fixing performance for Medal, but if your computer has no more resources to use, this would happen with other recorders as well.

In any case, here are some solutions that may fix your issue.

Solution 1: Nvidia / Intel Graphics Cards

*Note I'm on Windows 10, your Task Manager steps might not match those listed below.*

1. Open the game you are having this issue with and Medal.

2. Open your Task Manager and click 'More details' at the bottom

3. If you can't see your GPU usage, right click and select GPU.

4. Leave Task Manager open, we'll be going back to it in a moment.

For now, Open Medal, go to settings and scroll down to 'Video Encoding'.

5. Take a look at your CPU% and GPU%

6. If your CPU% is really high, try changing the Video Encoding option from 'libx' to one of your other options in your drop-down menu. For Nvidia, it should say 'NVIDIA'. For Intel, it should say 'Intel', and so on.
If your GPU% is really high, try changing the Video Encoding option to 'libx'.

CPU% and GPU% can vary per game.

Solution 2: Process Priority

1. With Medal and Task Manager still open, click the drop-down on Medal.
2. Right-click on MedalEncoder and choose 'Go to details'
3. Find MedalEncoder.exe again (It should be highlighted in blue)
Right-click MedalEncoder.exe and highlight over 'Set priority'

4. Choose 'Realtime' or 'High'

Solution 3: Clean your PC

While it's entirely possible the speedup bug you are experiencing is from our software, it's smart to look into all possible issues.
I had the speedup bug on my computer once, but after running a program to clean up my computer, I no longer experienced this issue.

The program I used and personally recommend is Advanced SystemCare by IObit. (https://www.iobit.com/en/advancedsystemcarefree.php)
Just click 'Free Download' and then find the Download button on the next page.

There are many other programs that can clean up your computer, choose whatever you like!

Solution 4: Repair Medal

You can learn how to repair Medal here

Still not working?

This is a bug we are still working on fixing completely. If the 4 steps above didn't fix your problem, please submit a support ticket! This will help us better diagnose the issue!

Here's what we need from you in your support ticket.
1. The game(s) you're experiencing this issue with.
2. Your Graphics Card.
3. Your PC specs.
4. A task manager screenshot of your CPU and GPU usage of your computer while playing the game you're experiencing this bug with and Medal open.
5. A task manager screenshot of your CPU and GPU usage of your computer while just playing the game you're experiencing this bug with. Medal should be closed here.
5a. To close Medal, Quit it from the system tray.
6. Send us your Medal Log


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