How to Backup Clips before formatting your System OS

Modified on Wed, 01 May 2024 at 12:54 PM

When taking your Clips, it is very likely that those Clips are being saved locally on your PC's storage. If you lose your Computer or have any issues with that PC's storage, those Local Clips may be lost in the process.

If you are thinking on changing PCs or reinstalling your PC's Operating System you can backup your Local Clips so you still have access to them on Medal afterwards. You have 2 methods to backup your Clips:

Upload your Local Clips to Medal

The easiest way to Backup your Clips is to Uploading those Local Clips to Medal. Either Trimming them before or just Uploading them, having your Clips on Medal means that they are accessible anywhere, anytime as soon as you have an internet connection.

You can learn more about this by checking our other Support Article How to upload to Medal.

After Uploaded, next time you log in on your new PC, they will be available there.

Manually Backing up Your Local Clips

It is possible to manually back up your Local Clips and restore them afterwards on Medal, although this method can be quite extensive and confusing. By following the guide below very closely, you will be able to backup and then restore your Local Clips into your Local Library again, but missing one step or making one move differently will make the process not only fail, as also impossible to revert and try again

You should avoid having to follow this method if you are not good with computers in general as you only have one try at this. With that said, here are the steps to manually back up your Clips.

Step 1: Check your Capture Folder Settings

  • Go to Settings > Clips & Recording > Capture Folder Locationto see where are your Clips currently saved. 
    • Remember where are they saved before you continue with the manual backup, you will need this in the recovery process. You can write the folder path on a notepad if needed.

Step 2: Backup your Medal Capture Folder

  • Backup the whole Medal Capture Location folder. This includes the Clips folder, Editor, Thumbnails, etc, into a Backup Drive storage that will not be wiped when formatting your PC.
    • Pay attention where Medal's Capture Folder is located. You will need to set up the exact same folder path in order for this to work.

Step 3: Backup your Library List file

  • To find the Library List, follow these instructions:
    1. Open your Start Menu(the Windows icon in the bottom left corner);
    2. Type Run;
    3. Paste this into the small window that opens and hit enter;
    4. Drag and drop the clips.json file into your Backup Drive.

Step 4: Restoring your Library List file

  • After reinstalling your System, you will need now to restore your Local Library. You will need to first Download and install Medal for Windows once again

  • Once downloaded, follow the guide below:

    1. Open your Start Menu(the Windows icon in the bottom left corner);
    2. Type Run;
    3. Paste this into the small window that opens and hit enter;
    4. Drag and drop the old clips.json file into the store folder
    5. Move all the backed up Capture Folder's folder and its content to the same folder path it was before (as told to save on the Step 1)
    6. Start Medal again and Log in (it should take a while to load all your Library again)

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