If you have Controlled folder access enabled, you may run into this error banner in Medal:

Or this error when trying to clip:

These issues are caused by a Windows security feature called Controlled Folder Access or Ransomware Protection.

We have three methods you can try to prevent Windows from blocking Medal 


Method 1: Automatic

  • If the banner appears in Medal, you can click on the green button labelled Grant Medal Access
  • A new Window will pop up explaining why Medal isn't working along with a small list of programs to allow
  • Click on the Allow button for each option until they are all complete
  • If you have User Account Control enabled, you will get a pop up each time asking to allow Windows Powershell to make changes. Select Yes each time.
  • Once all the exe's have been allowed, you are all set to use Medal

  • Make sure to restart Medal after allowing it by opening your System Tray, right click the Medal icon, and select Restart Medal

Method 2: Manual

  • Press the Windows key on the Start bar and type in Controlled folder access
  • Select Allow an app through Controlled folder access
  • Click on Add an Allowed app. A drop down menu will appear. Select Browse all apps
  • You will manually need to locate and allow these exe in order for Medal to work
  • Please note: Folder version numbers may differ from this image. Please refer to Medal when searching for these files

Method 3: Disable Controlled Folder Access

You can also disable Controlled Folder Access, not just for Medal, but for all apps and programs you install on your Windows PC.

Medal provides you this option.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to disable Controlled Folder Access yourself.

  • Press the Windows key on the Start bar and type in Controlled folder access

  • Toggle off Controlled Folder Access

Nothing happens when I try to Allow the exes

If nothing happens when you try to allow the exes in Medal, try and open Controlled Folder Access.

If you are greeted with this error, there are a couple possible reasons.

1. You do not have Windows Defender enabled

Controlled Folder Access is heavily dependant on Windows Defender. If you are using a 3rd party anti-virus program, it may have shut down Windows Defender.

  • Open your start bar and search for Windows Security
  • In the new window, make sure Virus & threat protection has a check mark
  • If Virus & threat protection has a red cross, it means you need to enable Real-time protection in order to access Controlled Folder Access. Click on the Turn on button.
  • Once you have enabled Real-time protection, you should be able to access Controlled Folder Access

2. You have a 3rd party Anti-virus program installed

Windows will shut down Real-Time Protection if it detects that another anti-virus program is installed.

Due to this however, you will be locked out from configuring any Windows Defender options, including Controlled Folder Access.

You will have to uninstall your anti-virus program in order to configure or disable Controlled Folder Access, and then reinstall your anti-virus program.

3. You do not have account privileges to access Windows Defender options

If you have multiple accounts on your PC, you may need to contact the owner of the PC to make the changes needed to allow Medal to work.

If you are owner or you only have one account on your PC, you may be using a Limited Windows or Standard User account.

You can change your account into an administrator account (You will need access to an administrator account to do this), or you can create a new account in Windows with Administrator privileges