Upload issues can be annoying, especially when you really want to show your friends some of your cool clips that you just captured. 

We've listed a few methods that you can try to fix any upload issues you may have.


System Clock

If your PC's clock is not synced with the rest of the world, this can cause issues with servers your PC is trying to communicate with. In general, servers prefer if your PCs clock is in sync otherwise they may not be able to handle your requests because they think you are in the past or future!

  • Right-click on your system time and select Adjust date/time
  • In the next screen, if Set the time automatically is set to Off, turn it on, even if the date and time are accurate.
    Do this for Set the time zone automatically as well.
  • Your date and time should automatically adjust, but if this does not happen, or you are not sure if anything changed, click on the Sync now button to force a resync
  • Shut down Medal through Task Manager or the System Tray and relaunch it for the changes to take effect

Check your Internet Connection

If you have a slow or unstable network, Medal may think you are offline. While we do not currently have any indicators to notify you if Medal thinks you are offline, there is a way you can check.

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + i in Medal to open a new window inside of Medal (If this does not work, go to your System Tray, right click the Medal Icon and select Toggle Developer Tools)
  • Next, click on the Console tab
  • In the console window, you are looking for any red errors that contain these lines:
If you are unsure, please contact support!

How can I fix these errors?

Depending on which error you are getting, there are different methods for each

ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIEDThis error means that something is blocking Medal from connecting to the Internet. Check any anti-virus and firewalls you may have installed 
ERR_NETWORK_CHANGEDThis error means that your network changed some information (EG Your IP address) and Medal is trying to reconnect. Restarting Medal may help here
ERR_NETWORK_DISCONNECTED This error means that Medal cannot detect any internet from your current network. Check your internet connectivity on your system


Sometimes, a repair is all it takes!

Click here to learn how to Repair Medal

If these solutions do not work for you, please contact us!