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Some UI changes have been made since the making of this video


Settings (continued)



From the moment you launch Medal, you will be taken to your Library. This is where all your clips will be found. From here, you can upload/manage/trim your clips, create montages and much more.

Supported Games

Medal supports 1000s of games right from the get go. All you need to do is launch your game and Medal will start recording as soon as it detects it.

Not sure which games Medal supports? Click here to see the games list or use our Search bar to search for your game.

You can also see the Games list in our Desktop app by clicking on theSettings_Default.pngCogwheel and then click on the Games tab.

If a game is not supported by Medal, you can add it as a game to begin clipping straight away!

Click here to learn how to add games to Medal

Game Detection

Once you launch a game, Medal will detect and show you the game it has detected in your Online Activity in the top left of the Title bar.

When a game is detected, simply press F8 to take a clip!


Medal also has a ton of settings so that you can configure Medal to your liking!

Account Settings

Personal Info

Here is where you can customize your profile. Add a profile picture and banner, create a Bio to tell people about yourself, change your username & password, set an email address and donation link.

Connect Mobile

Here is where you can download the mobile app and connect it to your Desktop app!

Connect Accounts

Here is where you can connect a number of different social accounts to Medal. Some connections will allow you to directly share your clips to those platforms and also allow you to login to Medal with a social account.


Here is where you can configure different privacy options for your profile.
  • Game Status - Show what game you are playing to your friends.
  • Promote my Medal profile using Rich Presence - This will enable/disable the Discord status when using Medal.
  • Streamer Mode - Mute all incoming notifications and restrict DM windows to only people you follow.
  • Blocked People - You can manage your blocked list and prevent people from tagging you, commenting on your clips and messaging you.
  • Verify Account - This is used if you want to import videos to Medal. You will need a phone number for verification. Medal will never contact you using your phone number.
  • Active Sessions - Here you can see a list of all your log in activity and remove any you are not familiar with.
  • Delete Account - This option will delete your account.


Quality & Length

Here is where you can customize the quality and length of your clips. Higher settings will use more resources. If you have issues with your clips, try lower settings.

Capture Folder Location

Before Medal can save your clips to the cloud, Medal needs to save your clips locally on your PC. Here, you can choose where you want to save your clips and videos.

Advanced | Recording

  • Video Aspect Ratio - Medal's video player uses a 16:9 aspect ratio. Choose the aspect ratio of your clips here.
  • Recording Buffer - This is where the video is stored while you are recording. Memory is recommended for SSDs and optimal performance but will take more RAM. Disk Buffer is slower but may be reliable.
  • Maximize Clip Performance - Turning this on will increase Medal's priority for your CPU/GPU. This means that Medal will be able to get more resources to create smoother clips.

Other | Recording

  • Record with Medal - Medal will automatically record every game you play by default. Disabling this will stop Medal from being able to take clips or record videos.
  • Show Mouse Cursor - Turn this on to show your mouse cursor in your videos.
  • Overlay Alerts - Display overlay alerts when you start a game, save a clip or if an issue arises.
  • Recorder Sound Alerts - Play sound alerts when you save a clip, start a session, or reach full disk space.

Special Features

  • Full Session Recording - Medal will record your entire game session from the moment you open it to the moment you close it. Your Clip Hotkey will create a bookmark in your session.
  • Advanced Window Capture - If you experience issues with games being out of focus, enable this option.
  • Enable Long Press to Start Recording - Toggle this on to enable long pressing your clip hotkey to start a Full Session Recording. Long press again to end the Full Session Recording and return to clip mode.


Here is where you can set your default preferences when uploading clips to Medal.
  • Auto Uploads - Select your default upload behaviour when you capture a clip.
  • Free Up Space - Video files will be deleted from your PC once uploaded.
  • Use Recycle Bin - Send video files to the recycle bin instead of deleting them permanently.
  • Default Clip Privacy - Select your default clip privacy option.
  • Automatically Copy Links - Automatically copies your clips share link to your clipboard when a clip finishes publishing.


  • Enable Author Watermark - Place your profile picture and Medal profile link in the corner of your clips.
  • Watermark Position - Select the position of the watermark that will be displayed on your clips.

Audio & Devices


Here is where you can set up and adjust your microphone settings.

  • Microphone Input - Toggle on or off Microphone recording.
  • Microphone - Select your Microphone.
  • Input Volume - Adjust your microphones volume for your clips.
  • Mic Test - Click Start Test and begin talking to see if Medal picks up your voice.
  • Noise Cancellation - Toggle on or off to reduce background noise. This will also enable a slider so that you can set how much noise you would like to filter.

Push To Talk

Here is where you can add Push To Talk functions to your Microphone in Medal. Push To Talk needs to be enabled before it can be configured

  • Input Device - Select between Keyboard, Mouse or Controller and select your hotkey

  • Mono Audio Input - If your Microphone is stuck playing in one ear, toggle this option on to force Microphone Input to Mono

Audio Sources

Here is where you can configure and control what Medal records from your PC sounds.

  • Audio Sources - Select the audio devices you want Medal to record. You can add multiple devices.
  • Output Volume - Adjust your PCs audio for your clips.
  • Game Audio Only - This feature will attempt to record your game's audio only and block out other programs audio (EG. Discord).
    Please note: Some games are not supported by Game Audio Only. You can see a list of unsupported games here.

Webcam Overlay

Here is where you can add and configure your webcam overlay on your clips.
  • Camera Overlay - Enable or disable your webcam.
  • Camera - Select your webcam device.
  • Position - Select where you want your webcam to be placed on your clips.
  • Show Preview - Preview your webcam to get the best angle.



Live Dangerously

  • Live Dangerously - Enable this option for Medal to try to record games that are not verified to be fully supported.

Add New Game

  • Add New Game - Allows you to select a game process manually and requests for the game to be added to the Medal games database.
  • Only use this for games that are not supported by Medal or if your game is not detected automatically

Supported Games

  • Supported Games - Search the Medal games database for your favourite games to see if they are already supported by Medal.


ICYMI Configuration

  • Enable ICYMI - Create clips and bookmarks automatically with Medal AI.
  • ICYMI Clip Length - Specifies how long clips taken by ICYMI should be.
  • Enable ICYMI Sound - Toggle the clipping sound for ICYMI clips.

ICYMI Supported Games

Enable the games and events you want captured automatically.


Here you can customize all the notifications you receive in Medal. Tailor to notifications you want to be notified of.


  • Enable Desktop Toast Notifications - Allow Windows notifications for things like new messages and alerts.
  • Message & Notification Sounds - Allow sound alerts to play for things like mentions, new messages and notifications.
  • Reminder to Clip - Get a reminder to clip when you start a new game.


  • New comment on clip - Get notified when you get a new comment on your clips.
  • New like on clip - Get notified when someone likes your clips.
  • Clip getting views - Get notified when your clips are getting lots of views.
  • New montage - Get notified when Medal creates a new montage for you.
  • Game Request Approved - Get notified when a game request has been approved.
  • Comment upvoted - Get notified when your comment is upvoted.


  • New follower - Get notified when someone follows you.
  • Tagged in clip - Get notified when someone tags you in a clip.
  • Someone else commented on clip too - Get notified when someone posts a comment on a clip you commented on.
  • Reply to comment - Get notified when someone replies to your comment.
  • New mention in comment - Get notified when someone tags you in a comment.


  • New DM - Get notified when you get a new message.
  • New Mention - Get notified when someone tags you in a DM.
  • New Group Message - Get notified when someone sends a new message in a group chat.
  • New DM Request - Get notified when someone who you are not following sends a message to you.
  • New 1v1 Request - Get a notification when someone wants to challenge you.


  • Clip Finished Uploading - Get a notification when your clip has finished uploading and is being published.
  • Mobile Clip Reminder - Get a push notification to your mobile device to remind you to clip.


Application Settings

  • Automatic Startup - Start Medal when your computer starts.
  • Start Minimized - Start Medal quietly in the background.
  • Automatically Focus Medal - Automatically minimize Medal to the background when you start your game, and show Medal when you exit your game.
  • Send Read Receipts - Notify your friends when you have read their messages. DMs only.

Change Background

Here, you can choose a background for Medal. We have created over 50+ backgrounds from different games to choose from!

Advanced Settings