Gaming communities on the internet are interconnected now, so what better way to share your clips with your friends than through Discord? It's incredibly easy to connect your Discord account to Medal to publish clips to your own server, or your friends servers

Here's how - 

Connecting Discord

Step 1 - Go to your settings

Navigate to your Medal settings by clicking on the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the Medal application and click on the Account tab.

Step 2 - Select Discord from Social Connections

Once in the Accounts tab of you settings, navigate to the Social Connections box.

Select Discord by simply clicking on the Discord Icon.

Step 3 - Authorize Medal to access your Discord account

A new browser window or screen will appear in Discord or on your browser that looks like the image to the side. 

Clicking on Authorize will authorize Medal to post clips from your account through the Medal app.

You're all set! 

If everything has been done correctly, and the account has been authorized, you should receive verification of the process with the following message!

Get to Sharing! 

Once you've connected your Discord account to Medal, if you navigate back to your account settings you'll see the social connection for Discord set up. From this menu you can togglable options for displaying your account on your Medal profile and automatically sharing clips to your server when uploading! 

Display on my profile - This option allows you to toggle whether or not you want to display your Discord name with a clickable link on your profile.

Automatically share clips to Medalbot after uploading - Toggling this option on allows Medalbot to automatically share your published clips to your discord servers if you connect it to your profile. To set this up, toggle the option on and click on Configure Medalbot and hook Medalbot up to your server.