Before starting this guide, please note that you will need to be the Server Owner to configure MedalBot for sharing. Having an Administrator Role will not allow you to configure MedalBot.

What is a Server Owner?
The Server Owner is the user that created the Discord Server or has had ownership transferred to them. They are usually seen with the Crown at the end of their Discord names.

To get started, connect Discord to Medal in Settings > Account

Once Discord is linked to your Medal account, select the MedalBot tab in Settings. Medal will automatically find all the servers you own and list them;

  • Servers that have MedalBot invited and configured for Clip Sharing will show under Your Configured Servers.
  • Servers that have MedalBot invited but are not configured for Clip Sharing will show under Your Unconfigured Servers.
  • All other servers will show under Servers Without MedalBot.

For this example, we are going to configure the Zitro Gamers server.

First, click Connect to invite MedalBot to your server. Your browser will open a page to Discord asking which server you would like to invite MedalBot too and which permissions you would like to grant MedalBot.

These are the minimum permissions MedalBot requires in order to post clips in Discord

As soon as MedalBot has connected, the Connect button will change to Edit. Click the Edit button and you will be shown a couple of options to configure.

Once you have set the options to the settings and channels you desire, click the Save button and MedalBot will be ready to start sharing!

For the Automatically Share New Clips option, this is limited to the Server Owners clips only.