Do you occasionally encounter crackling or choppy audio in your clips? This issue is likely a result of a sample rate mismatch between your microphone and your headset or speakers. The good news is that it's a straightforward problem to resolve! 

Why do my clips have crackly audio?

Crackly audio is usually a sign that the sample rates are mismatched between your microphone and your headset. A way to test this is to see if your audio is still crackly after you disable your mic, if it isn't, that means there's a mismatch. 

Notice how the numbers on the right are different? It's the difference in the frequencies that causes the audio to sound crackly. In order to fix it, you will want to set them both to the same number. We recommend setting both devices to 48000hz. 

You can change the sample rate of your device in your Windows Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Manage Audio Devices, then right-click on your device and select Properties. Headsets and speakers will be found under Playback, while microphones can be found under Recording. Once in the properties menu, navigate to the Advanced tab and change your sample rate to 48000hz

If you are still having audio issues in your clips, please reach out to support at