Corsiar’s iCUE software is known to cause a couple different issues when recording.

Here are a few things you can try before reaching out to support that might help you! 

No Audio

  • If you have no audio in your clips, make sure you have the correct audio output device selected in both your game, and on Medal's audio output device in your clip settings.
  • Use the audio source not labeled as THX or surround sound. 
  • If these are both selected and you still do not have audio, you may have to create a stereo audio device on your PC and use this as Medal's output.
  • In rare cases where neither of these works, you may have to disable iCUE.

Muffled Audio

If you have muffled audio you can try two things-

  • Close the iCUE software while recording
  • Enabled windows spatial sound for windows from the sound settings

If you're still experiencing issues with iCUE or are having any other audio issues, please contact Support.