Every time you launch Medal, Medal will monitor all it's recording activities and log them in text files.

If you ever come across an issue taking clips or recording videos, the Medal support team will ask for these logs so they, along with our developers can look into your issue further.

If you are concerned about storage space, file sizes can range from a couple hundred KB to a couple of MB depending on how long you have Medal running for that day.

If you want to clear out the log files on a regular basis, you can locate these files in Documents/Medal.
We recommend keeping at least 1 months worth of logs in case you run into any issues.

If you have any recording issues with Medal, please reach out to the Support team before sending your logs.

Sending Logs

Medal has built a function that will send your logs straight to the team.

  • On the bottom left corner, click on the Help button 
  • Next, click on the Scan for Logs button

  • Medal will search for the 5 latest logs it can find and show you the results. (If no logs appear, please let support know!)
  • Below the logs, there will be a box that you can attach a message to be relayed back to the team. Use this box tell the team about your issue
  • When you have completed your message, click on the Send Recent Logs button
  • You will see a green button with a checkmark inside it. This confirms that your logs have been sent off to the Medal developers and Support staff.

What do the colours mean?

  • Red - Log has not been sent
  • Amber - Log has updated since it was last sent
  • Green - Log has been sent