Most of our updates go through a testing phase which we do on our Early Access build. Here, you can test new features and bug fixes!

Please note: While on Early Access, we do not recommend any competitive gaming. Bugs are to be expected on this build of Medal.

Table of Contents:

Current features in Early Access

  1. New Comments Update  - We've updated our comment system so you can now tag your friends, upvote comments and add GIFs, Emoji's and Clips!
  2. Status Updates - You can now control your status on Medal and even create a Custom Status! Click on your Profile Icon in the top right to see this!

  3. Notification Settings - You now have more control over which Notifications you want to see! You will find these at Settings > Notifications

  4. Read receipts & Typing indicators - Ever wanted to find out if your friend left you on read in Medal DMs? Now you can! You can also see when they are typing :)

  5. Low Virtual Memory warning & Fix - We won't bore you with the specifics of this issue, but if Medal detects there is not enough Virtual Memory on your PC, you will receive a pop up in the app letting you know and a button which will fix the issue for you.

  6. Bug fixes and improvements

Enable Early Access

  1. Open Medal
  2. Click the button
  3. Turn on Early Access Mode
  4. Click Start Repair

Reporting Bugs

In the Medal Discord, there is a Early Access (PC) category that you can use to report bugs to us! To gain access, click on the reaction in the #how-to-enable-pc channel.

Revert to Live version

To revert back to the Live version of Medal, repeat the steps before!

  1. Open Medal
  2. Click the button
  3. Turn off Early Access Mode
  4. Click Start Repair