Making Clips on PC

Clip Mode

Clip mode is used to capture clips on the fly. 

With the tap of a button, you can capture the last 15, 30, 60 or 120 seconds, 5 or 10 minutes of game play!

The default button for clipping is F8 (This can be changed in Settings > Hotkeys)

By default, Medal will automatically upload any new clips to the Medal Cloud and delete the local file from your PC to prevent taking up hard drive space.

Full Session Recording

Full Session Recording is used to record your entire game session from the moment you launch your game!

If you decide to use our new Full Session Recording feature, the Clip Hotkey will change to a Bookmark Key. Pressing the hotkey will insert a Bookmark to your session so you can easily go back and find the moments you want to share.

Drag the sliders to the desired point you want to create a clip from. Once you have found the perfect moments, simply click the Create Clip button in the top right or press CTRL + N on your keyboard!

Full Session Edits also comes with a bunch of Keyboard shortcuts to make trimming those long sessions easier and quicker! 

Please note: Clips created from a Full Session will not upload automatically. Don’t forget to name your new clips and press the Upload button!

Also note: The maximum clip length that can be uploaded to Medal from a Full Session Recording is 2 minutes. 

Making Clips on Mobile

To make clips on Mobile, you first need to download the Medal Recorder app which can be found on the Google Play Store

Once you have loaded up the app, you will see Medal running in your Status bar

Pull down your notification bar to bring up more options

What they do
Tap here to open the Games Launcher
Tap here to open your Clips
Tap here to open the Settings
Tap here to Show/Hide the Medal Icon
Tap here to close the app
Once you launch a game, you may be shown a message from Android. Medal can only start recording if you tap Start Now

Once you have allowed Recording permissions, you will see a floating Medal Icon over the top of your game

Tap the icon and a clip will be created! (If you tap and hold, you can move the icon to a new position on your screen!)