We are incredibly excited to introduce a way for you to use Medal with any recorder, not just our own. This means that if you clip with Shadowplay or OBS, you can still use Medal’s best-in-class editor and save space by uploading your finished clips directly to Medal.tv to save space on your hard drive.  

If you decide to use a different recorder, we recommend turning the recorder in Medal off under Settings > Clips & Recording > Record with Medal. 

Setting up your External Recorder

To get started, you will want to first navigate to your Medal app and open Settings > Clips & Recording. On this page, you will notice a section for External Recorders Import Locations, click on the Sync an External Recorder button. 

On this page, you can select which external recorder you would like to sync with. Medal will automatically import new videos when they're created with the selected recorder(s). Should you want to a custom recorder that we don't yet support, you can browse your computer and select the recorder's video folder manually. After you have selected your recorders, you can hit Save Changes

Once your recorders are set and you create new clips, you should now see the clips in your Medal library! No need to manually import them yourself!

If you are still needing assistance with this, please contact Support.