Medal/Game crashing on boot/clip

Modified on Sun, 08 Oct 2023 at 03:57 AM

In some rare cases, Medal may collide with other programs, causing them to crash. This can be especially frustrating when it happens to a game.

While we strive to make Medal work with as many programs and games as we can, we cannot account for every set up and configuration.

First, we will want to confirm that Medal is the cause of the crashes. To do this, close Medal from the Task Manager or System Tray and then run your game/program again. If the game/program no longer crashes, we will need additional information from your PC in order to diagnose and fix the issue.

If your game/program continues to crash after shutting down Medal, another program will be the cause of the crashes. 

What does Medal need?

We will need two different pieces of information from your PC.

The first bit of information we will need is screenshots from the Windows Event Viewer. This will help us discover what part of Medal caused the program and provide some extra information for what went wrong.

We will also need Windows Crash Dump logs. These logs will give us further insight into why the crash happened and allow us to investigate, diagnose and potentially fix the issue.

Once you have collected the information, you can send it to Support through a Ticket.

I've sent this information. What can I do now?

Restart your PC

Sometimes, these issues can happen because Windows is misbehaving, causing things to happen that shouldn't.

Restarting your PC can often times be enough to fix the problem.

Check Windows Updates

You may be missing key updates that may help with stability. You can check if you have any outstanding updates by opening the Windows Start Bar and searching Check for updates.

Check GPU driver updates

Your current Graphics Drivers may be out of date. You can check this article to learn how to update your drivers.

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