With a push of a single button, you will be able to manage all your clips from one space. Whether you want to upload multiple clips, make clips public/unlisted, or wipe the slate clean!


In the top right of Medal, you will see a Cloud button called Free Up Space. Clicking that button will introduce you to a new screen.

At the top of the Window are your clip filters.

From here, you can see the following categories;

  • All Clips - See all your clips, regardless of other factors
  • Published - See all your clips already published to the Medal Cloud
  • Unpublished - See all your clips that are ready for upload
  • Full Sessions - See all your Full Session Recordings

Selecting a category will quickly show/hide the clips you do/do not want to manage

As well as filtering your clips, you can also search for specific clips using the Search bar.

The search bar can intelligently look for game categories, titles, parts of titles and hashtags!

Manage Clip Options

Depending on the Filter your clips fall under, you will be presented with different options when selecting your clips.

To bring up these options, click on a clip that you want to manage. Selected clips will be highlighted in yellow.

Below are all the possible options when managing clips.

Depending on which clips are selected, different options will appear.

Once you have selected your clips and chosen your option, select continue to confirm the action!