Scrolling through hundreds and thousands of clips can be exhausting! That's why we added more precise filters to your clips, so that you can choose from a variety of different filters and find the clips you want to watch and publish quickly. 


NOTE: Our Clip Library page has been updated, and we no longer have tabs for Full Sessions, ICYMI, and Montages. The video tabs for Local, Uploaded, and All Videos, have been compiled into one tab called Videos.


  • All - Group all clips together
  • Local - Unpublished clips
  • Unlisted - Hidden from your public profile and can only be seen by sharing the link
  • Public - Clips that have been published

Video Type:
  • Clips - Clips made from Clip Mode
  • Full Sessions - Clips made from Full Session Recording Mode
  • ICYMI - Clips made from ICYMI mode
  •  Montages - Clips made from edited clips and Montages
  • Reset to Default - Resets all Filter, Group by, And Sort by to Default preferences: All Filters


Group by:

  • None - Shows all videos
  • Timeline - Groups videos based on when they were recorded 
  • Game - Groups by different games
  • Reset to Default - Resets all Filter, Group by, And Sort by to Default preferences: All Filters 


Sort By:
  • Newest - Sort clips Newest to Oldest
  • Oldest - Sort clips Oldest to Newest
  • Most likes - Sort clips with most likes first and least likes last
  • Most Views - Sort clips with most views first and least views last
  • Most comments - Sorts clips with most comments first to least comments last

  • Reset to default - Newest