As a creator, you can enable Author watermarks on clips. Watermarks are there for 2 reasons:

Protecting your precious content from being copied all over social media without giving proper credit. And to make it easier for somebody watching your clips on other platforms to start following you on Medal.

Things to note:

1) Turning off the watermark only disables your username from appearing throughout the entire video. 

2) Only content owners can download their clips without watermarks.

Enabling or Disabling Watermarks

To access your Watermark options, go to Settings > Recorder, then scroll down to Watermarks

Choosing watermark position

When you have watermarks enabled you can choose the position they appear on your clips. Your can choose to show your watermark in any corner of the clip, but clicking the drop down and selecting a position

Download clips with or without watermark

If you're working on a montage, or simply don't want the watermark present, you are able to download with or without the Medal watermark. The local file also doesn't have the watermark.

Please note: This is only available if you are the original uploader of the content. If you are not the original uploader, you should support the creator and share the video with the watermark. This also works on the mobile app.

Please also note: Downloading clips without watermarks on web and mobile will be coming in a future update.