Spirit of the Policy

We believe that people share and connect more freely when they do not feel targeted based on their vulnerabilities. As such, we have higher expectations for content that we call cruel and insensitive, which we define as content that targets victims of serious physical or emotional harm. We remove explicit attempts to mock victims and mark as cruel implicit attempts, many of which take the form of memes and GIFs. In addition, we remove any form of sadism towards humans or animals under our violence and incitement or graphic violence policies. 

Principles and Rationale


We recognize Medal as a social media platform where people may use many different channels such as our application or Discord to discuss or draw attention to or create content around certain vulnerabilities of themselves or other. We aim to create an environment where others feel safe in being themselves and expressing their ideas without causing harm to or drawing upon the vulnerabilities of others. The content will always be looked at based on the overall context to determine whether or not it violates out terms of service. 


The goal of our Community Standards is to encourage expression and create a safe environment for our users.


Safety is an essential factor in community building. At Medal, we are dedicated to removing content that encourages or causes real-world harm, including (but not limited to) physical, emotional, or financial injury as well as privacy violation that could harm a targeted individual(s).


We embrace the different backgrounds and diverse views of our community. We want to provide a platform and opportunity for users to not only share their gaming experience, but build lasting bonds with one another. We err on the side of allowing content, even when some find it objectionable, unless removing that content cant prevent real-world harm to the user. We vow to discuss and consider allowing content that otherwise violates our stands if we deem it to be newsworthy, or important to the public interest based on global and national trends.


We recognize the diverse backgrounds of our community from around the world. It's important for us, at Medal, to keep our policies broad in order to apply them consistently and fairly based on an ever-adapting global culture. Because our community standards must transcend cultural, regional, and linguistic barriers, we recognize the need for a broad but consistent standard. Because of the broadness of our policies, in some cases, and when provided with additional context, we will have to make decisions based on the spirit, as opposed to the letter, of the policy


This type of content violates our policy and is therefore not allowed on our platform.

  1. We remove content that depicts real people who are visibly experiencing, known to have experienced or implied to be experiencing but not publicly known - and being laughed at, made fun of, or further degraded any of the following:
    1. Premature death
    2. Serious physical injury which would require professional medical attention
    3. Physical violence
    4. Starvation
    5. Serious disease
    6. Disability
    7. Non-consensual sexual touching

  2. We remove sadistic remarks or any visual or written depiction of real people experiencing We remove content that depicts real people who are visibly experiencing, known to have experienced or implied to be experiencing but not publicly known;

    1. premature death
    2. serious physical injury
    3. physical violence (including all forms of domestic violence - physchological, sexual or other)

  3. We remove photos or videos that depict real animals that are visibly experiencing and being laughed at, made fun of, contain sadistic remarks for;

    1. Premature death
    2. Serious physical injury
    3. Physical violence from a human


This type of content does not violate out community standards and is therefore allowed on our platform.

  1. We ignore instances of cruel or insensitive speech when the context of the content is to condemn or disapprove of the speech.