At Medal, we strive to provide you with the best-shared content and clipping experience created by the community with a safe and friendly environment. Here you can talk with your friends, meet new people and show off your epic gaming moments! These policies apply to all areas of Medal including all forms of text and imagery. It's important to follow the guidelines when posting to help create a safe community to share and view others' creative expression, and to avoid any action taken upon your account.

In addition to our Terms of Service, We provide you with the following guideline that will help you understand how medal operates to maintain safety on all user-generated content and activity on our services. We protect the integrity of our community and reserve the right to suspend any account that we have determined to have broken our code of conduct as stated below; 

Sexual Exploitation Policy

Sexual Exploitation Policy

Our Sexual Exploitation policy is designed to prevent sexual violence or exploitation from occurring on our platform, Discord, or other self-governed means of communication within our community. The spirit of why it was created is to promote a safe environment, where people of different experiences and backgrounds can come together and enjoy common interests without having to worry about being made to feel attacked or relive those experiences. At times, users can make comments or demands in an attempt to exploit or threaten others with sexual violence. At Medal, we take a stand against any form of sexual violence or exploitation of an individual, whether it be through means of trafficking, escort services, or non-consensual sexual acts (NCST.) We're committed to making our community feel safe and progressively working to create a welcoming community and culture for our users to share and discuss not only gaming but anything within their own gaming communities.

Suicide and Self-Injury Policy

Suicide and Self-Injury Policy

In our efforts to promote a safe environment at Medal, we remove content that encourages suicide or self-injury. Self-injury is defined as the intentional infliction of injuring the body, including self-mutilation and eating disorders. We want Medal to be a safe space where people can share their experiences, hobbies, and passions together. Thus, we allow people to discuss the topic of suicide and self-injury but not encourage the acts themselves. We encourage people to offer and seek support from one another in connection with these topics and also report any instances that they may see within the platform.

Sexual Activity and Adult Nudity Policy

Sexual Activity and Adult Nudity policy 

Our Adult Sexual Activity and Adult Nudity policy are in place to restrict the display of nudity and sexual activity because we, at Medal, understand that this type of content can be sensitive to some individuals, particularly because of our user's age and cultural backgrounds. We also default to removing sexual imagery to prevent the sharing of non-consensual or underage content. Restrictions on the display of sexual activity also apply to digitally created content, some video game content, and real-world art unless it is posted for educational, humorous, or satirical purposes.

Adult Sexual Solicitation and Sexually Explicit Language Policy

Adult Sexual Solicitation and Sexually Explicit Language

Our Adult Sexual Solicitation and Sexually Explicit Language policy are in place to restrict content that is sexually explicit in nature and/or maybe posted and directly or indirectly make another individual uncomfortable because of its sexual nature. We do this because we, at Medal, understand that this type of content can be sensitive to some individuals, particularly because of our user's age and cultural backgrounds. We also default to removing sexually explicit content to prevent the sharing of non-consensual or underage content, which can be viewed further in our Child Exploitation guidelines. 

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Bullying and harassment policy

Bullying and harassment happen in many places and come in many different forms, from making threats to release personally identifiable information (PII), to sending threatening messages and making unwanted malicious contact. We do not tolerate this kind of behaviour because it prevents people from feeling safe and respected on Medal. Context and intent matter and we allow people to share and re-share posts if it is clear that something was shared in order to condemn or draw attention to bullying and harassment. In certain instances, we require self-reporting because it helps us understand that the person targeted feels bullied or harassed. In addition to reporting such behaviour and content, we encourage people to use tools available on Medal to help protect against it.

Child Abuse and Exploitation Policy

Child abuse and exploitation policy

We do not allow content that sexually exploits or endangers children. When we are made aware of apparent child exploitation, we remove the content and potentially escalate the content based on compliance with applicable law. We understand that sometimes people may share nude imagery of their own children with good intentions; however, we remove these images because of the potential for abuse by others and t o help avoid the possibility of people reusing or repurposing the imagery.

Coordinating Harm and Promoting Crime Policy

Coordinating harm and promoting crime policy  
Our Coordinating Harm and Promoting Crime Policy is designed to attempt to negate the coordination of real-world harm against people and property based on the coordination or praise of the action. We understand that there may be instances in which the praise of certain real-world events may go against this policy, in which case some exceptions can be made. However, in general, we are committed to protecting members of our community whenever possible through this policy. The attempts at coordinating harm towards individuals on Medal will never be allowed. We also recognize that there are instances in which discussion around these topics may be prevalent, such as the condemnation of an act or raising awareness. We never want to silence members of our community for speaking out against actions that we deem is 'wrong.'

Violence and Incitement Policy

Violence and Incitement policy We believe that people share and connect with each other more freely when they do not feel targeted or threatened by other individuals or feel that they are at risk of harm. As such, we have high expectations for our users in their content and engagement with other users in regards to violence and threats of violence, which is defined below in the policy. We remove explicit attempts to threaten other individuals on the platform, as well as statements that advocate or speak positively for violence towards an individual or a group of individuals.

Cruel and Insensitive Policy

Cruel and insensitive policy

We believe that people share and connect more freely when they do not feel targeted based on their vulnerabilities. As such, we have higher expectations for content that we call cruel and insensitive, which we define as content that targets victims of serious physical or emotional harm. We remove explicit attempts to mock victims and mark them as cruel implicit attempts, many of which take the form of memes and GIFs. In addition, we remove any form of sadism towards humans or animals under our violence and incitement or graphic violence policies.

Dangerous Organizations and Individuals Policy

Dangerous organizations and individuals policy

In an effort to prevent and disrupt real-world harm, we do not allow any organizations or individuals that are engaged in the following to have a presence on Medal:

  • Terrorist Organizations
  • Organized Hate
  • Mass or attempted mass murder(s)
  • Organized violence and criminal activity.

We also remove content that expresses support or praise for groups, leaders, or individuals involved in these activities. These entities use violent, exploitative, and hateful means to cause real-world harm. Ultimately, our priority is keeping our community safe and we are committed to removing this content from Medal.

Fraud, Deception, Viruses/Malware, and Cyber Attacks Policy 

Fraud, Deception, Viruses/Malware, and Cyber Attacks Policy In an effort to prevent criminal activity on Medal which can harm people or businesses, we remove content and enforce behaviors that intend to defraud third parties. We do not allow activities on the platform which aim to deprive people of money and/or property through means of deceptive individual and/or coordinated efforts. However, we allow people to raise awareness and educate others as well as condemn these activities using our platform. 

Graphic Violence Policy

Graphic violence policy
While we understand that there are graphic topics that warrant discussion, we also aim to protect our users from real-world harm, as well as seeing unwanted graphic content. Therefore, we aim to prevent as much unneeded or unwanted 'real' graphic content on Medal. We understand that a lot of games contain graphic content, and we do not want to limit the types of games a user can play based on gore or other graphic content when sharing to our platform. Gaming content will be an exception to most of the policy, as it has a much lower potential to cause real-world harm.

Hate Speech Policy

Hate Speech policy

Our Hate Speech policy is designed to create a safe environment, free of intimidation and exclusion on the basis of race, gender, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or serious diseases and disabilities.

We define hate speech as an attack on people based on the individual or group's characteristics stated above. We call this group of characteristics "protected characteristics" or "PC". We define "attack" as violent or dehumanizing speech, statements of inferiority, and calls for exclusion and segregation, and separated into different tiers as described within the implementation standards.

We recognize that sometimes people share content containing someone else's hate speech for the purpose of raising awareness or educating others. When this is the case, we allow the content to be posted, but we expect the user to clearly indicate the intent of the post, which helps us and other users better understand why they shared this type of content. Where the intention is unclear, we may remove the content.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
We understand that in a digital world, personal information goes beyond name and address. We believe that there are some instances that posting personally identifiable information about yourselves or others can be allowed, however, these circumstances must meet incredibly specific requirements, such as locating a missing person. Our goal is to protect the personal information of every Medal user, including their digitally identifiable information such as IP address among other information.

Regulated Goods

Regulated Goods
To encourage safety and compliance with common legal restrictions, we prohibit attempts by individuals, manufacturers, and retailers to purchase, sell, or trade non-medical drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, and marijuana. We also prohibit the purchase, sale, gifting, exchange, and transfer of firearms, including firearm parts or ammunition, between private individuals on Medal. We understand that laws and regulations may vary from state to state and country to country, which is why we at Medal have used a broad stroke to enforce our Regulated Goods policy across the board, no matter the location.

Prohibited Games and Non-Gaming Related Content

To uphold the safety of our users on Medal we prohibit games based on the following:

  • The game is marked as Adult Only on Steam.
  • The ESRB rating is Adult Only. You can check ESRB ratings here.
    • Adult Only  titles with alternative versions that have an ESRB rating of Mature or lower are allowed.
  • The game has elements that directly violates our Community Standards (e.g. Sexual Activity, Hate Speech, etc.)

Furthermore, the Medal team reserves the right to remove content that we define as Non-Gaming Related. We define Non-Gaming Related content as:

  • Content that has no correlation to permitted games.
  • Content that exclusively captures real world experiences. 

Warnings and Actions

Rule violations will be reviewed based on evidence, it will be up to Medal staff to determine what action to take based on the severity of the violation. If the violation is considered extreme, it may result in a permanent ban. While you may still appeal this decision, it may still be upheld. 


Please note: For privacy reasons, we will not disclose the outcome of a report.


All Medal Staff have full discretion and reserve the right to delete or modify content that you submit if it violates our rules, and to address any behavior that they feel is inappropriate.

Reporting Rule Violations

If you see or feel a Medal user is breaking our Community guidelines while browsing Medal, report it to us! Do not try to take charge of the situation yourself. You can report users and content on the Medal website, desktop and mobile apps.

Appealing a Ban or Suspension

If your account is banned or suspended, you may appeal a suspension or a ban, but it may still be upheld. 


You can appeal a decision by emailing with your account name in the subject and sending a request.

Intellectual Property Rights

You should only share content on Medal that you own, or that you are otherwise authorized to share on Medal. If you share content on Medal that you do not own or otherwise do not have the rights to share on Medal, you may be infringing another person’s intellectual property rights. This includes any third-party content included in your content, derivative creations, or performances of others’ copyrighted content. We encourage you to assess your content for adherence to applicable intellectual property laws and the proper application of principles such as fair use and to secure all appropriate rights needed, before sharing your content on Medal.

Any unauthorized content you share on Medal may be subject to a take-down by the rights-holder(s) to remove the infringing content from Medal and is a violation of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Multiple violations of our policies may lead to a permanent suspension of your account.

Examples of content you cannot share on Medal without permission from the copyright owners or other authorization include:

  • Sharing other Medal creators' content

  • Playing pirated games or on unauthorized private servers

  • Sharing content from other sites

  • Showing movies, television shows, or sports matches

  • Playing music you do not own or do not have the rights to share

To submit a DMCA notice, please refer to

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team. 

Be nice. Be smart. Have fun!