You now have the option to manually upload your clips to Medal. To get started and ensure everything is correctly configured, please follow these steps. Once completed, you'll be all set to commence uploading your clips! Enjoy the process.

Option 1: Drag and drop
Option 2: Use the post to medal button to 

1. Select "Create" and "Post" from the upper left-hand menu

You can then decide the source from which you wish to import the clip. 

2.  Choose which game is it from the list of games.  

3. On this screen, you can now edit/trim your clips. 

4. After editing, Medal will ask you to verify your account before you can start uploading your clips. Make sure to choose the correct country code and type in your phone number. 

5. After clicking "Send me a code", you will then receive a code to your phone. Type it in the field and click on "Submit Code"

6. Once you are done with the verification, you can then start uploading and/or edit your clips. Enjoy