If your experiencing an issue with your Medal on Android not recording properly or the Medal record button disappearing, follow the steps below until the team is able to find a workaround.

Follow the steps to enable Medal to clip on your Mobile device. 
FAQ: This is a workaround also for Xiaomi / Redmi devices to work with Medal:

  • On your device go to your home screen/app drawer and locate the Medal application.
  • Long press the Medal Icon until you get a window pop up with three options and tap App info
    • Note: The pop-up may be different depending on the android version and mobile device.
  • Tap Force Stop on the bottom of the screen, and then tap Okay on the new pop up
  • Tap on Other Permissions
  • You will need to allow two permissions here.
    Show on Lock Screen and Display pop-up windows while running in the background
    Tap on the permissions to open a new pop up
  • For both permissions, set them to Always allow
  • Launch Medal and you should see a notification from Medal saying Ready to Record
  • Launch a game and Medal should prompt you for permissions to begin recording. Tap Start now to allow Medal to clip your gameplay