Android Recorder FAQ

Modified on Wed, 01 May 2024 at 12:05 PM

Medal now has a separate app for recording on Android devices. If you find yourself having trouble using the recorder, please take a look at the following scenarios below.


Floating Button is Missing

If the Medal button disappears, it’s probably because the app crashed. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Ran out of Ram

           - Close out of all apps running on the Android device

           - Clear unused RAM

           - Try lowering your Recorder settings in Medal

  • Turn off Low-Power Mode on the Android Device
  • Performance Mode may be on, causing Medal to Crash

Pressing the Button Doesn't Work

On some devices, like Xiaomi, you must turn on Display Pop-Up Windows While Running In The Background.

  1. Go to your phone settings

  2. Find Apps

  3. Manage Apps

  4. Tap ∞ Medal Recorder

  5. Tap Other Permissions

  6. Turn on Display pop-up windows while running in the background

  7. Open the ∞ Medal Recorder again

  8. Open your game, start recording, and tap the button

If your phone has a Game Optimization setting, make sure you add ∞ Medal Recorder as an exception.

Game is Lagging

Medal is going to need some resources in order to record your gameplay, though it shouldn't affect the performance too much. If you are experiencing lag in-game, try the following: 

  • Close out of all apps running on the Android device
  • Clear unused RAM
  • Try lowering your Medal settings or in-game graphics settings
  • Turn off Low-Power mode 

Game isn't Supported?

Medal supports all games from the app store, however, you may have trouble capturing emulators or other non-games. If a game or emulator is failing to record, open a ticket, and we will add it for you!

Friends can't hear me/Can't hear my voice

Android limits microphone usage to one app at a time. We have an experimental setting you can try, called Internal + Mic. You can also just use Internal, if you don’t want Medal to record your mic.

Low Video Quality

If your clips are coming out lower quality, try increasing your clip resolution. Low FPS likely means your device was low on RAM.

  • Lower your clip length

  • Lower your clip resolution

  • Turn off low-power mode

  • Close all unused apps

  • Clear all unused RAM

If you are still having issues getting your Android recorder working, please reach out to our Support team by making a ticket

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