Medal has a system that saves all sorts of useful information about the Clips you take on the platform. Things like the name of the game, tags, clip title, video length, etc. but local clips can start taking some space if you don't upload them to Medal and you may want to move them to another drive.

Moving clips manually can bring some issues for your local library and Medal will not have the new path for where the video files are. 


Moving clips the right way

  1. Go to Settings > Recorder > Capture Folder Location and set the new folder as the new Capture Folder Location
  2. After setting it up, a button called Move Clips will show up. Click it so Medal can start moving your Local Clips to the new location correctly. (do not start another recording or close Medal while it is moving your clips)
  3. When it has finished this procedure, check your library and see if the clips still play normally.

What if I already have moved my Clips manually?

Fixing this is easy! You just need to follow these steps and you should be good to go:

  1. Move the Clips' video files back to their older original folder.
  2. Set the Capture Folder Location and that older original folder (if it already isn't set to it) on Settings > Recorder > Capture Folder Location
  3. Restart Medal and test if the clips are playing again.

If you are still running into issues, please reach out to our Support team by making a ticket!