Medal’s creator code program allows you to generate recurring monthly revenue from your own creator codes. You can share your own creator codes with your community on and off Medal. 

Your fans can use your code via  as soon as we approve your application.

If Medal is installed, we will automatically ask to apply your code. If Medal is not yet installed, we will ask to install it and try to automatically apply the code. You should, however, regularly remind your community to check to make sure it is applied in their Medal Settings!

This article will review how the program works and address most questions that may arise. Creators will have access to the Creator Code channel on our Discord in case you have questions and need support.

On Windows, iOS, and Android, if your community clicks on your link, or you request to apply the creator code via the API, this will come up in their app.



How to Apply for Medal's Creator Program

Head over to this link and fill out our official Creator Program's form -

Screenshot of how the Form should look in the next page

This application will be reviewed by our team - whether as a Game Developer/Server Host or as a Content Creator - and you will receive an email and/or notification inside Medal if you are approved. We will send the email to the email address you add in the form so please use one that you check regularly!

How does the Creator Program work?

A year and a half ago we launched Medal Premium. We’ve had incredible support that has helped the company grow and now we want to reward the people that create the amazing content shared on Medal every day. 

The TL;DR is that Medal Premium subscribers can now use a creator’s Creator Code. That code pays a commission to creators on a monthly basis as long as the subscriber’s Medal Premium subscription is active. 

Existing Medal Premium subscribers can choose to Support a creator via their Creator Codes and we take part of their monthly subscription and pass it to that creator. Whosever Creator Code the subscriber has set before they are billed for their next month is who will receive their commission. 

Creators can share their Creator Code links anywhere - like their Link-in-bio on social channels, DMs, etc. Anyone that becomes a Medal Premium subscriber and is attributed to that code will receive their commission. 

Any new Medal Premium subscriber that comes through a Creator Code link or manually assigns a Creator Code will receive a 10% discount on their monthly Medal Premium Subscription. 

Medal Premium subscribers can change who they support at any time.

How do I add a Support button on my profile?

Once you are accepted into the Creator Code program, head over to your Medal Profile > Edit Profile and drop your Creator Code link in the Promotional Link field. 

Add your button text in the Promotional Action Text field.

How do Medal Premium subscribers activate use creator codes?

There are several ways existing Medal Premium subscribers can support creators.

Supporting creators on Clips

  • Click the Support button on a Creator’s Clip on Desktop
  • In Medal Stories
  • In the Mobile feed

Supporting creators on Creator Profiles 

  • On Desktop
  • On Mobile
  • When you click on a Creator Code link in on Desktop
  • When you click on a Creator Code link on Mobile

Supporting creators in your Medal Premium Settings

  • Open Settings > Billing & Premium and scroll to the Medal Creator Code section. Enter the code and click Save. 

Can non-Medal Premium subscribers support creators?

Hint: Yes + Discount!

If a non-Premium user clicks any of the Support buttons above, clicks a Creator Code link, or manually enters a Creator Code in the Billing & Premium settings, they will have an opportunity to subscribe to Medal Premium with the Creator Code automatically applied.

And guess what? If you are a new Medal Premium subscriber (meaning you have never had Medal Premium on any account in the past), when you use a Creator Code, you will receive 10% off of your monthly subscription. 

We are extremely excited to put Creator Codes in the hands of our community and empower creators, game developers, and server hosts with new avenues to engage their communities and create new revenue streams. Come join us!