Where can creators track their earnings?

Every creator will see a custom dashboard by going to Settings > Billing & Premium > Medal Creator Codes that shows daily earnings. The link will be in your acceptance email and/or notification inside Medal.

How is payment made? 

In addition to the acceptance email and/or notification, creators will receive an invitation to Tipalti. All payments will be distributed through Tipalti. Currently, Tipalti makes payments via ACH, Wire, and Paypal. Total payout will be less any fees imposed by Tipalti

What are payment terms?

  • Creators must reach a $100 minimum threshold in order to withdraw funds.
  • Payments are made on a Net-60 schedule at the start of every calendar month.
  • For example, a Medal Premium user starts to support a creator on March 15th. The creator is eligible to receive this commission no earlier than May 15th (60 days). The payment will be issued on the 1st day of the following month–June 1st.
  • Commissions earned are net of fees, refunds, chargebacks. Any credit card processing fees, refunds on subscriptions, or chargebacks among the Medal Premium users supporting a creator will be deducted from the total payout due in the month these fees were incurred.
  • Recurring payments until the Premium supporter unsubscribes from Premium or switches to another creator

Is this a one-time commission? 

No! Creators continue receiving a commission from every Medal Premium user that supports them for as long as they maintain an active Medal Premium subscription and do not switch to another creator.

We are extremely excited to put Creator Codes in the hands of our community and empower creators, game developers, and server hosts with new avenues to engage their communities and create new revenue streams. Come join us!