Sometimes, you only want to publish your very best clips on Medal, and that's okay! If you're anything like us, you have a ton of unpublished clips sitting in Medal. Or, you're going through your published clips and thinking to yourself. "Hmmm... maybe that headshot from when I first started playing Valorant wasn't that good after all." 

Or maybe you just realized that the 2,490 unpublished clips you have don't have any use and you want to get rid of them all instead of uploading them. So, here's a guide on the different ways to go about deleting 1 clip, or deleting all of them! 


Clips Library

Single Clip

On every clip, you will see a Trashcan icon.

Click on the Trashcan Icon to delete your clip.


Hover over a clip in your library to show a white circle in the top left of the clip.

Click the circle to start the Multi-Select tool. From here, you can select the clips you want to delete, and then select the Delete All button to delete the highlighted clips.

Manage Clips

You can also use both Filters and Sort features to help you manage your Clips.

You can lean more about this on our How to Filter Clips Support Article.

Using the Filter feature you can use Ctrl + A to select up to the first 50 Clips on your Library (can be affected by Filters and Sorting).