Medal contains two uploading methods. You can drag and drop any gaming Full Session Recording or clips and categorize it by game. Another option is the Upload Videos button where it will allow you to import Full Session Recording or clips from your library. 


Drag and Drop Uploads

Select a gaming Full Session Recording or clip from your library and drag it to Medal. It will prompt you with a window to drop it.

Import From File

Navigate to the Create + button in the top right of your Medal App, choose the Post option. This file can be a Full Session Recording or a regular short clip.

Editing Imported Full session Recording

To edit the clip you will need to move the sliders tab to approximately 5 minutes max and create clips out of the full session recording. You can find out more on how to trim clips here

Editing Imported clips

Editing Imported clips will guide you towards the full editor on medal where you will be able to add music and much more! Here are two useful articles that will guide you on how to edit and add music to your clips:

  1. How to Trim Clips
  2. How to add Music