Do we not have a Template or GIF that helps bring out more to your clip?

With this handy tool, you can import your own images and videos to really make your clips pop!

Please note: Any files that are imported with this tool must comply with Medal's Community Standards.

  • In the left panel, select the Files icon
  • This will bring up a side panel which will allow you to select and import Images, GIFs, Sounds and Videos to use in your clips

    Please note: MP3 files that are imported are limited to 30 seconds. 
  • All your imported files will appear in the Files section. Imported files will remain here for future clips and videos so you won't have to re-add them!
  • Once you have imported a file, click on it if you want it to appear on your video preview. Just like Text and GIFs, you can resize, move and rotate your image!
  • Right clicking the imported file in the timeline or video preview will show a few more options. Select Properties to add some additional effects to your file!
  • In the side panel, you will be able to add more effects to your files. Give them an Entrance and Exit animation, add additional effects to make them pop out more!