What is Internal Audio?
Internal Audio is the audio that plays from your mobile device (EG Game Sound)
Why can't I use Internal audio?In order to use Internal audio capture, you must be running Android OS 10 or higher. You can check your devices OS version in Settings > About phone
Why does Medal have a Mic option?
We want to provide audio recording to people who do not have devices that can use Internal Audio capture. 
Why can't my friends hear me?If you are using the Mic option, your friends will not be able to hear you. This is because Android only allows one app to use the microphone at a time.
If you have Internal Fallback - Mic enabled, this can also cause the issue.

Audio Options

You can find these options by tapping on your profile picture in the top left corner, tap Settings, and then tap Audio

Clip Audio
Medal offers 3 choices when it comes to recording audio on Android
  • Off - Medal will not record any audio
  • Internal - Medal will record your phone's audio
  • Mic - Medal will record audio from your Microphone
Internal Fallback - Mic
This option will tell Medal to use the Microphone if Internal Audio capture cannot be used. This can happen if a game does not support Internal Audio capture
Play Clip Sound
Enable this if you want Medal to play the clip sound when taking a clip