Sometimes a clip needs subtitles, or you want to point out something funny in your clip. With the Medal Clip Editor, you can do exactly that by adding text to your clips!

Text Tools

The text editor has a lot of tools and customization options for you to choose from, so let's start at the beginning;

  • The Text button will add a new bar to your timeline
  • The first section will be your Color Selection. From here, you can chose the color your text will appear in, as well as the opacity of the text. 
  • The last section will be your Fonts. Choose the style of text that best suits your clip! 

Editing Text Properties

  • Once you have selected the text, color, and style, you will see a preview on your clip. From here, you can click on the Pencil icon to further edit your text. This will open up a new Text Properties tab.

Here, you can find many other ways to alter your text including:

  • Text Font: This gives you another chance to change the style of your text

  • Color: This gives you another chance to change color of your text.

  • Stroke: This will add an outline to the text, which you can then change the color of.

  • Highlight: This will add a backdrop or "highlight" to your text, which you can then change the color of.

  • Border:  This will change the style of your stroke on the text.

  • Opacity:  This will change the transparency of the text.

  • Entrance: If you want the text to load in with an effect, you can pick an Entrance Effect. You can also set the duration, of how long you want the effect to last.

  • Exit: Just like the entrance, you can also set an Exit Effect, as well as the duration of the effect.

  • Effects: Once the text has loaded in, you can add an Effect while the text is being displayed. This will occur the entire duration of the Text element.

Trimming & moving your Text

When you add a new text element, you will see a new bar appear in your timeline. Just like Clip Trimming, you can also adjust the length that your text element will remain on screen.

Alongside trimming text, you can also move it's position in the timeline.

Resize, Rotate and Move Text

You can adjust where your text is located in your video and change it's size, even rotate your text!

To resize your text, click and hold on any of the 4 corners on the edge or your text and drag.
To rotate your text, click and hold on any of the 4 corners on the edge or your text  and drag round in a circle.
To move your text, click and hold on anywhere in the text box and drag around.

You are now a pro at adding and editing text to your clips!

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