Creating montages can be time-consuming. Most editors are built for professional video editing, with lots of features that are not native to gaming. This is an ongoing project, and you can expect continuous updates in the future. Head over to our feedback page to leave feedback and suggestions!


Adding Clips to your Montage

There are 2 ways you can begin creating a montage.

Through the Editor

  • Click on a clip you want to start with to open the editor
  • In the left panel, click on the Clips tab to show your clips
  • From this tab, you can search for your clips and click on your clips to add them to your timeline and begin creating a montage

Through your Clip Library

  • Hover over a clip and click on the circle in the top left. Select as many clips as you would like and then click Montage clips

Montage Timeline

Arranging Clips

Once you have imported your clips, you can drag your clips around the timeline to move them to the order you want them to play


You can still trim your clips in a montage. Like a single clip, grab the edge of the clip and drag it to where you want the clip to start/end

Drag and drop clips

If you forgot to add clips to your montage, you can still add them. In the left panel, there will be a tab called Clips. From there, you can search up your clips and drag and drop them into your timeline

Clip Options

If you click on a clip in your montage timeline, the Editing/Clips box will show you information about the clip

From here, you can have finer control over your clips Start and End points, mute an individual clips audio, or remove it from your montage all together

You can also add music, GIFs and text to your montage to spice it up.

You can learn how to add these elements in the following articles: