How to add GIFs & Stickers to your clips

Modified on Wed, 01 May 2024 at 01:08 PM

Adding a gif is super simple! Maybe you’re playing with your friends and dominating the enemy so hard that you need a meme image to describe exactly what you’re feeling. Or maybe you had the biggest oof moment of your life, and can only share your pain with your audience with a gif because sometimes text just won’t cut it!

Adding GIFs & Stickers

  • In the editing tab, you will find a GIF button that will open up a selection of GIFs for you to use!
  • In this section, you can choose from either a Sticker or a GIF. Once you have made a selection, you can then use the search bar to find a specific item. 
  • Once you have found a sticker/GIF you like, click on it to add a preview to the clip. There will be a pencil icon around the border of the GIF, you can click on this to change the Sticker Properties.
Sticker Properties

  • Opacity: Changes the transparency of the sticker.

  • Entrance/Exit: Here, you can add an effect for the sticker when it enters or exits in your clip.

  • Effects: If you are wanting the sticker to have an effect the entire duration while it is on your clip, you can add an effect here.

Moving the GIF/Sticker

You can adjust where your GIF or sticker is located in your clip and change it's size, even rotate it. 
  • Move: Click in the sticker box and drag around!

  • Resize: Click on one of the 4 corners and drag inwards or outwards to resize.

  • Rotate: Click on one of the 4 corners and rotate in a circular motion. 
On the clip timeline, you will see a bar for the Sticker, you can drag this bar around to the point in time you want the sticker to show on the clip.

You can also increase or decrease the duration by clicking on the bars at the ends and dragging them outwards/inwards. 

And that's all there is to it! You can now successfully add GIFs and Stickers to your clips! 

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