Aside from capturing clips from your phone, you can upload clips directly from your android device! 

  • Open either the Medal app or the Medal Recorder and tap on Library
A Medal Mobile App screenshot showing the Library buttonA Medal Mobile Recorder screenshot showing the Library button
  • Tap to select a Clip you want to upload from the Mobile app:
    • Unlisted - Clips that have already have been uploaded but are not public
    • Drafts - Your Local mobile Library captured by the Medal Recorder App
    • Gallery - Videos stored on your device (Requires Mobile Number Verification)
    • Xbox - Clips you have taken with your Xbox (Requires Linking your Xbox account
  • The Recorder app will redirect you to the Mobile app.
  • If you are using the Mobile App, you will be able to customize your clips information:
    • Select if you want your clip public or unlisted
    • Give your clip an eye catching Caption
    • If your selected clips is from your camera roll, you will be asked to select which game it is in the Clip Category box
    • Tag your friends and add any hashtags
  • Once you have finished adding information to your clips, tap Save Clip
  • If you are using the Recorder app, you will be redirected you to the main Mobile app 
  • Medal will give you notifications of your clips upload progress and when it finishes!